Journee du Beauceron

Journee du Beauceron

The American Beauceron club is pleased to announce that will be hosting a French style National D’elevage for our American dogs. This event is a labor of love for the club members and Beauceron volunteers alike.

This will be held at the Beautiful Cape Cod Beagle Club, located at 699 Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The ABC will be flying over two prestigious Beauceron judges from France, Frederic Aubry for temperament and Alain Thevenon for morphology.

French style evaluations are divided into a three portion test.

Measurements: Your dog will be measured to make sure their height is within standard

Temperament test: You will enter the ring and the judge will stop and calmly greet you and your dog. He will then place a special leash and collar on your dog and verify their microchip or tattoo number. The judge will then evaluate your dog on socialbility, reaction to gunfire (twice), threat with a stick, and general behavior. You are not allowed to give your dog any commands during the temperament test. You must also keep your dog on a loose leash.

Individual Conformation exams. You will bring your dog into the ring and present them on a loose lead, following the traditional French style dogs should be presented naturally. No trimming, no stacking. The judge will do a written exam of your dog.

Dogs who receive an excellent rating in both temperament and morphology will move on to represent their class in competition for Best in Journee.

Puppies under one year are ineligible for Best in Journee, and are instead able to compete for Best Puppy in Journee.

Dogs who are spayed or neutered are ineligible for Best in Journee, but are able to compete for Best Companion in Journee. Veterans are exempt from the spay/neuter rule.

National D’elevage Sponsorships

AmountTowards Prize
$100Best in National D’elevage
$100Best Male in NE
$75Best Male in Temperament
$75Best Female in NE
$75Best Female in Temperament
$50Ouverte (Open) Male 1st-4th
$50Travail (Working) Male 1st-4th
$50Jeune (Young) Male 1st-4th
$50Veteran Male 1st-4th
$50Ouverte (Open) Female 1st-4th
$50Travail (Working) Female 1st-4th
$50Jeune (Young) Female 1st-4th
$50Veteran Female 1st-4th
Puppy Classes
$100Débutant Male 9-12 1st-4th
$50Puppy Male 6-9 1st-4th
$50Baby Male 4-6 1st-4th
$50Débutant Female 9-12 1st-4th
$50Puppy Female 6-9 1st-4th
$50Baby Female 4-6 1st-4th
Spayed/Neuterege – Non-Regular Classes
$50Companion Male 1st-4th
$50Companion Female 1st-4th
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